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The un-Official Live-journal reality show!

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--Realityshow_lj is a fake reality show that plans to create a detailed, hilarious, and popular mock-reality show based on the life of 10 contestants that are to be carefully handpicked by our judges: graydiaries, sexgodsweeney, and gabzie.

--The 10 contestants will be put in a mansion, and compete in games of chance, skill, and knowledge.

--Each week, the judges will pick one contestant to send into the weekly "Battle to the death!", against the contestant who did the worst in the weekly game. These fights will be completely hand written and detailed, as well as packed full of humor.

--"Confessionals" will be a staple for contestants, much like in real Reality shows. Act like you're there, and act like you actually have to put up with the other characters.

--The judges have the majority of creative control over you, and will most likely play up your cliche and stereotypical habits. Be sure you can take a joke, because that's all it will be... a joke!

--Weekly reviews will be posted, and will include the results of the battle to the death, contests, and highlights of the week.

--What's the winner get? Well satisfaction, and popularity of course! Not to mention all the fun and laughs that are gonna come along the way!

--We'll get more into detail about most of this once we figure it all out.

For now, everyone needs to go ahead and sign up! We'll pick the most diverse, interesting, and most fun group of 10 people, but everyone else is invited to hang around and participate!

We will be extremely non-biased in choosing the applicants... the three of us have very few, if any mutual friends and we will not play favorites.

Ya don't know how? Check the FAQS!


Personal Information

First, middle, and last name/initial:
Preferred nickname:
Sex(In case we can’t tell from the picture):
Ethnicity(Race, and cultural):
Sexual preference:
Closest social group(Punks, nerds, Goths, gangstas ect.):

If you feel the need, explain your answers on the following.

Do you do drugs?
Do you have sex?
Are you an alcoholic?
Do you have a steady boyfriend or girlfriend?
What economic group do you fit into?
Do you have a job/career? If so, tell us about it.
Conservative or liberal?
Would you care if we blatantly made fun of, or slandered you or your character?
Who’s your favorite character from any American reality TV show?
Hypothetically, if you could rid the world of one social group, which would you pick?
What’s your usual weekend routine?
What’s your favorite fashion item?

Do NOT explain your answers on the following.

Name three of your famous role models:
Name one band, movie, and book that you like:
What is the most common misconception about you?
What do you hate most about the world?
Are you willing to help with this community until the competition is over?

Include two pictures. One must be a clear picture of you, and the second should be funny, to impress the judges and let us know you atleast have a sense of humor.

What is your reality TV show stereotype? (Angry black man, innocent virgin, misunderstood homosexual, alcoholic frat boy, dumb blonde, ect.) Be creative, but not too off the wall.

If you were picked to go on a reality show, what would you take as your comfort item?

How can we contact you?