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this is me, read it, i promise not to be too mean!

Personal Information

First, middle, and last name/initial: Alexander Scottsvile McKnight Ward III
Preferred nickname: Hilton
Sex(In case we can’t tell from the picture): i'm a boy
Age: sweet 17
Ethnicity(Race, and cultural): white...  dumb blonde/southerner/russian
Religion: i'm a jew... lol. a very loud jew.
Sexual preference: i'm gayer than elton john's rainbow fanny pack.
Location: norfolk, va
Closest social group(Punks, nerds, Goths, gangstas ect.): hm... the preps, the goths, the punks, the ganstahs, everybody but other homos, i tend to cause "drama"

If you feel the need, explain your answers on the following.

Do you do drugs? well, i need valium helps my head-aches...
Do you have sex? only on days ending with y...
Are you an alcoholic? OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! YES!!!
Do you have a steady boyfriend or girlfriend? yes
What economic group do you fit into? honestly, my family owns igia... so i'm mr weathy mcwealthy, mayor of wealthyville...
Do you have a job/career? If so, tell us about it. i free-load and shop... a lot.
Conservative or liberal? i'm kinda liberal, but i hate helping others, most of the time...
Would you care if we blatantly made fun of, or slandered you or your character? hell no, but beware, i might attack back, very short temper.
Who’s your favorite character from any American reality TV show? hahaha, paris hilton, hence my nickname.
Hypothetically, if you could rid the world of one social group, which would you pick? aryans. fucking blonde and blue eyed devils!!!
What’s your usual weekend routine?

wake up.

What’s your favorite fashion item? ohhhhh... my lacoste shirts... oh, wait, my von dutch man bag... yes, my von ducth man bag! no shit... my versace cologene, man... yes, my cologene.

Do NOT explain your answers on the following.

Name three of your famous role models: paris hilton, james dean, anna nicole
Name one band, movie, and book that you like: vnv nation, poarty monster!!!! and the perks of being a wallflower,
What is the most common misconception about you? i'm totally heart-less...
What do you hate most about the world? poor people... yea.
Are you willing to help with this community until the competition is over?
hell ya, i love to help with these kinda things!

What is your reality TV show stereotype?  the drunk, yet loving homo...

If you were picked to go on a reality show, what would you take as your comfort item?
my bacardi bottle... i dunno...

How can we contact you?


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